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Pet MicroChip News and Updates

News and updates for AVID Pet MicroChips and UK PETtrac Database

Check-a-chip Automated Telephone Service

Thu, 23 Oct 2014

The UK PETtrac Database has launched a new automated telephone service helping to identify the normal point of registration for a UK MicroChipin an instant!

Launched at BVNA Congress 2014 the new Check-a-Chip service received a great response.

In 2011, AVID MicroChips and the UK P...
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AVID MicroChip Registration App

Thu, 04 Apr 2013

If you're a vet or pet MicroChip implanter in the UK then you'll be pleased to hear about the new smartphone and tablet apps which we've released.

First previewed at BSAVA 2013, the app was released shortly after for Android devices, with a version for Apple due for release soon.

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How good is your pet MicroChip scanner?

Tue, 12 Feb 2013

When was the last time you checked your MicroChip scanner?

If you are a vet, rescue centre or dog warden service you need to be certain that you have a pet MicroChip scanner which is working and that can read all 4 current companion MicroChip standards.

The AVID MiniTracker 3 read...
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Pet MicroChip Registration Improvements

Wed, 04 Jul 2012

We have released a few new features for our already easy-to-use registration system for pet MicroChips, enabling AVID MicroChips to be registered more quickly.

The website registration system for registering AVID pet MicroChips on the UK PETtrac Database already features postcode software...
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FREE Database Registration Updates - National MicroChip Month 2012

Fri, 01 Jun 2012

June is National Microchip Month and once again the UK PETtrac Database is offering pet owners FREE registration updates for the whole of this month.

This is the third year running that AVID and the UK PETtrac Database have offered free updates as it is vital that pet owners keep their co...
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A Special Delivery!

Mon, 20 Feb 2012

A friend of PETtrac helped her pet Ruby, to deliver 11 beautiful, black labradors last week.

We took a visit to meet the new, tiny and hugely cute puppies At just 8 days old the puppies have spent their first week in the world eating, sleeping and staying warm, cuddled up to proud mum, Ru...
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We have a Winner!

Thu, 22 Dec 2011

Congratulations to Dogs in Salford for being the first winners of our AVID Scanner Prize Draw!

Emma Bradley of Salford City Council D...
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Website Registration Feedback - One Month On

Thu, 15 Dec 2011

It is now one month since we officially launched the new version of the AVID pet MicroChip registration system, for the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database.

The feedback has been positive and it has pleasing to know that so many parts of it are useful to different organisations.  If you hav...
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New AVID Website

Thu, 01 Dec 2011

Following the re-launch of the AVID MicroChip Registration system for AVID MicroChip implanters, the main AVID website has now had a make over.

An easier to navigate website with extra information has now been made available, and we welcome any feedback you might have.

Keep checki...
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New AVID MicroChip Registration Website

Mon, 14 Nov 2011

AVID, manufacturer and supplier of pet MicroChip products, has released a new and improved
version of it's MicroChip registration system to further benefit veterinary practices, rescue centres
and other MicroChip implanters.

AVID manages and maintains the 24hr UK PETtrac D...
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National Microchipping Month - Free Database Updates

Wed, 01 Jun 2011

National Microchipping Month is here, and once again the UK 24hr PETtrac MicroChip Database is encouraging pet owners to update their pet's MicroChip details. The PETtrac MicroChip Database launched the Pet Chip Update Campaign back in 2009 as we realised that...
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Problems with unwanted cats in your house - a microchip cat flap is the answer!

Fri, 06 May 2011

If you have an existing cat flap and have problems with stray cats and others from the neighbourhood entering your house then a microchip cat flap is the answer.

The microchip cat flap, from SureFlap, recognises the pet identification microchip implanted in your ca...
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BSAVA 2011 - Another busy congress for AVID

Mon, 18 Apr 2011

BSAVA is over for another year, but it was a busy one for AVID.

Following the launch of the instant pet MicroChip registration via vetxml and VetEnvoy at BSAVA 2010, this year was no different.

We saw even more delegates, both vets and vet nurses, visiting the AVID MicroChip...
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Visit AVID MicroChips & UK PETtrac Database at BVNA Stand 100

Tue, 05 Oct 2010

AVID Plc, supplier of RFID pet MicroChips, will be attending the BVNA British Veterinary Nursing Association at Kettering this weekend.

Showcasing the latest developments with electronic MicroChip registration, ...
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Electronic Pet Registration - Now Available Via Teleos

Fri, 02 Jul 2010

Yet another veterinary practice management software provider, Teleos, has introduced the direct pet MicroChip registration system for AVID MicroChips via Read the full news article here

UK PETtrac Database - FREE updates during National Microchipping Month 2010 June

Tue, 01 Jun 2010

Please note, this is for United Kingdom PETtrac Pet MicroChip Database only

One of the greatest problems faced by all microchippers is when a stray animal is brought to them and found to have a MicroChip with out of date owner detai...
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Electronic Pet MicroChip Registration Is A Hit At BSAVA 2010 for AVID!

Tue, 13 Apr 2010

AVID is the first pet MicroChip database in the UK to receive electronic pet microchip registrations using VetXML and the VetEnvoy service, enabling practices to register pet MicroChips d...
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Visit AVID/PETtrac at BSAVA Stand 410

Tue, 06 Apr 2010

If you are attending the BSAVA conference in Birmingham this year, make sure that you visit the AVID stand 410.

We will be showcasing all the latest developments with the AVID products and services, including the NEW AVID MiniTracker 3 pet MicroChip sca...
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AVID is pleased to announce a new deal for Pet Microchipper Insurance

Thu, 11 Mar 2010

AVID is pleased to announce a new deal to bring pet microchippers discounted business insurance, courtesy of Insurantz.com. AVID has secured a special 10 discount when buying an Insurantz product via the website, www.avidplc.com, using Pet ...
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Electronic Pet MicroChip Registration - Visual Data Concepts

Wed, 24 Feb 2010

Another veterinary and shelter management software provider, Visual Data Concepts, has introduced direct electronic pet MicroChip registration for the AVID MicroChips.

This service enables any veterinary practices or animal rescue organisations using the AVID pet identification MicroCh...
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Post Delay? Snow Way!!

Wed, 13 Jan 2010

Even though snow and icy weather are disrupting many postal services around the country, this does not have to delay pet MicroChip registrations.

AVID MicroChips can be registered immediately on the PETtrac Database either via the AVID website www.avidplc.com or via some practice manag...
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Snowhere to go?

Thu, 07 Jan 2010

If you're snowed in and you have finished building a snowman, sledging down the nearest hill and have thawed your toes, why not take a few minutes to check your PETtrac MicroChip registration details are up-to-date?

If you have changed your address or telephone numbers they can be upda...
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Do not let postal strikes delay MicroChip registrations

Thu, 29 Oct 2009

The current delays caused by postal strikes will inevitably have an impact on how quickly PETtrac, the 24hr MicroChip Database, receives MicroChip registration forms.

To beat the delay and guarantee immediate registration, why not do it electronically?

As a veterinary pract...
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AVID Joins Vet-XML Consortium

Tue, 06 Oct 2009

AVID is now a member of the Vet-XML Consortium, and is helping to define the schema which will be used for electronic MicroChip registrations in an xml data format.

AVID already offers direct electronic registration in to the PETtrac MicroChip Database...
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Electronic Re-Registration of AVID MicroChips

Tue, 01 Sep 2009

AVID is pleased to announce that the re-registration of AVID MicroChips, registered with the PETtrac 24hr Database, is available to rescue centres / shelters who are using the Anilog software package.

Through the use of electronic signature pads, Anilog is able to capture the signature...
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Another First For AVID - Integrated MicroChip Registrations Start Rolling In!

Fri, 19 Jun 2009

AVID has completed another first! AVID has started registering MicroChips directly from client management software into the PETtrac Database!

This ground breaking link means that registering an AVID MicroChip has just become even easier. Of course the easy-to-use AVID website with inte...
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New Look For AVID Online Services Section

Mon, 15 Jun 2009

AVID is pleased to announce that the Vet & Implanter section of the website, with Online Service from AVID, has now been given a fresh new look to match the new look of the main AVID website.

Offering a clearer way to register MicroChips, and with an update to how to use the integra...
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Brand New AVID Website Launched

Wed, 03 Jun 2009

AVID, a worldwide leader in MicroChip identification products and services has launched a new website.

With easier navigation, clearer layout and more information for pet owners and MicroChip implanters, it is hoped that visitors like the new improved site.

If you have any f...
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Pet Chip Update Campaign, by AVID, presented to ADCH Conference

Tue, 05 May 2009

Richard Cratchley gave a presentation to members of the ADCH Association of Dog and Cat Homes at their recent conference in Dublin.

The presentation outlined the problem of pet owners not updating their details with the MicroChip database and how the rescue organisations could help PET...
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Pet Chip Update Campaign, by AVID and The PETtrac MicroChip Database

Tue, 21 Apr 2009

AVID, a Worldwide supplier of pet MicroChips, has launched the Pet Chip Update Campaign!

One of the biggest problem faced by PETtrac, the 24hr database provided by AVID, is when pet owners do not update their details for the MicroChips.

This problem is extremely frustrating...
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AVID Launches Integrated MicroChip Registration

Wed, 15 Apr 2009

AVID is pleased to announce the launch of integrated MicroChip registration via Premvet practice management software from Vet Solutions.

This is now an active feature in the Premvet system, when you use AVID pet MicroChips.

It is as simple as inserting the MicroChip number ...
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AVID, The MicroChip Company, has moved!

Wed, 18 Mar 2009

Due to continued growth and success AVID, a worldwide leader in MicroChip products, have moved to new premises.

As pet owners and MicroChip implanters you will continue to receive the same great service as usual, but if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to cont...
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Merry Christmas From AVID Plc & PETtrac Database

Wed, 17 Dec 2008

We would like to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Our emergency 24 hr Lost & Found Hotline is available for all pet owners, vet practices and rescue centres throughout the holidays.

If you need to update your...
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AVID Launches AVID Pet Insurance For Cats and Dogs

Mon, 22 Sep 2008

AVID has launched pet insurance for both dogs and cats, provided by Pet Guard. Pet insurance provided by AVID includes a choice of 4 different levels of cover, complementary and alternative treatments, discounts for more than one pet and 4 helpline se...
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AVID Launches New Online Registration System

Mon, 07 Jan 2008

AVID has now launched a new and improved online pet microchip registration system, with enhanced features such as postcode software to allow rapid data entry.

The system also include MicroChip number checking, to ensure that the MicroChip number has been entered correctly...
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